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Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi. He has been a driving forces behind the education of psilocybe mushrooms since the late 1970s.

Paul Stamets has published 5 books on the subject of psychoactive mushrooms. He wrote his first book, Psilocybe Mushrooms and Their Allies, in 1978 at the age of 18, and had it published before he even finished his bachelors degree at 23 years old.

Since then, Paul has become a voice in the forefront of mushroom culture. He has spoken at TED Talks as well as many other influential platforms across the world. He is even represented in pop culture on the latest Star Trek franchise!

Stamets has been involved in mycellium and mushroom research for so long that his website is actually called

There is so much research, news and education available on his website, its an excellent resource!

Paul Stamets & Joe Rogan

If you like watching the Joe Rogan Podcast, he had Paul on the show in 2017. Here is the talk, it runs for just over 2 hours, and is absolutely full of information. Soak it up! There are countless times that he says things that are absolutely mind-blowing. And yes, his hat is made of mushrooms.

Here is a video of Stamets on the main stage at TED Talks, delivering a speech on how fungi can save the world.