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All of our mushroom products are sourced from beautiful British Columbia. We only partner with ethical, like-minded, positive mushroom producers.

We are proud of our mushroom products, and our partners. Currently, we offer three incredible brands. Faded Fungi is our in-house brand which covers our dried mushrooms and microdose blends. Our edible section offers two awesome brands: Shroomies and Dreamland Psychedelics. In this education post you can learn more about all of our products!

About Shroomies

Shroomies is a local BC collective whose aim is to help you find the beauty within psychedelic mushrooms. They offer Canadians an abundance of psilocybin-infused treats and goodies that are delicious, discreet and potent. Their wide selection of edibles offer options that are great for those looking to try mushrooms for the first time! However, experienced users will also love the higher dose products! The great thing about Shroomies is the accurate, precise dosing, which allows you to decide exactly how deep you want to go. Ease into the magic world of psychedelics with edibles that are ideal for anything from first time users, microdosing and hero doses.

The mushroom products we currently carry from Shroomies are:

About Dreamland Psychedelics

Dreamland Psychedelics is a Canadian edible mushroom brand that focuses on high quality ingredients, ethical sources and outstanding flavour. Their fun and colourful packaging represents the visual journies of magic mushrooms. Take a trip to Dreamland today!

The mushroom products we currently carry from Dreamland Psychedelics are:

About our Dried Mushrooms

Our dried mushrooms come from a collective of ethical mushroom from British Columbia, Canada. This awesome group of people works tirelessly to provide top quality, premium psilocybe mushrooms. Their specialty is psilocybe cubensis, however look out for a variety of new offerings in the future!

The dried mushroom strains we currently carry are:

About our Microdose Blends

Our microdose blends are crafted with Golden Teachers Psilocybe, and offer a wide range of applications. We offer different blends that target different mindsets.

The microdose blends we currently offer are: